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Island of Ikaria,, where Dialogos’ & Ikarian Centre’s headquarter is located, is very close to the borders with Turkey. Izmir is only 125 Km away… Usually borders reinforce fear prejudice and fanaticism. In order to struggle against them, we are trying to organize common Greek – Turkish small scale projects. Our project’s topics usually are around Turkish and Greek language learning, culture, environment and volunteering. Parallel Turkish – Greek language courses or Greek language courses for Turks had been organized on the island of Samos, Thessaloniki, and more recently, Istanbul.

Free Greek language courses in Istanbul, by “Dialogos” Turkish Greek paralel courses and initiatives

Free Greek language courses in Istanbul, by “Dialogos”

Introductory course: Tuesday 11, Friday 14 and Tuesday 18 of October 2016 Actual course: December 12 – February 28, every Tuesday and Friday The course & the method Dialogos is offering a free Greek language course, lasting from December 2016 to February 2017 (10 weeks, 40 hours of 60′) in Istanbul, for residents of the […]