Hiking holidays

Walking in the summer Ikaria, July 2020

4 or 8 days at Ikarian Centre’s guest house in combination with walks on trails of the mountain ecosystems, swimming on picturesque beaches, wine tasting, traditional dance classes or cooking local recipes.The region is the appropriate place for landscape photography. This activity does not include Greek language lessons

Accommodation at the facilities of the Ikarian Center. Rooms include private bathrooms and kitchenettes where someone can prepare breakfast or simple meals. Note that breakfast or food are not served at the Centre. Facilities include open air areas, a space for dance lessons, a reading and screening room. Visits to  local artisans or artists as well as discussions / lectures like the history of the island through pictures, or the natural environment or the island are also included in the program

The activities will take place to the central and northern part of the island (the areas of ​​Evdilos, Raches and Armenistis). The program includes: walking to Koskinas castle, coffee walk in Akamatra, Raches, swimming in Magganitis & Seychelles, vist the archaeological collection and the beach of Kampos, a visit to Armenistis and the sanctuary of Tavropoulos Artemis in Nas. In the area of ​​Pigi we will be enchanted by the ancient monastery of “Theoktistis” and we will visit the Karimali Winery to try, in addition to the wines, the local pies. Morning walks with sunrise on mountain trails above Arethusa will be possible, as long as there is relative interest and you like waking up in the morning!

Fees & cancellation

Participation includes accommodation, walks, dance lessons and other activities, local transport, transfer to and from the port or airport on specific days. It does not include food or breakfast. Deposits (90 € / person) will be refunded if the program is canceled due to measures for covid-19 or if you cancel before the deadline for bookings. If you cancel after the reservation deadline, the deposit will not be refunded.

How to get to Ikaria?

We recommend the ferry from Piraeus (or Mykonos, it is the same ferry that passes through Mykonos on its journey to Ikaria). We will transfer  you from and to the port of Evdilos.

  • Departure from Piraeus on Saturday 4/7 or Wednesday 8/7
  • Return from Evdilos Wednesday 8/7 or Sunday 12/7:
  • For ferry timetables and tickets go to www.hsw.gr

You can also come by plane from Athens or Thessaloniki. Free transfer to and from the airport on Saturday 4/7, Wednesday 8/7 and Sunday 12/7. See more on how to get to Ikaria

Deposit & cancellation

A deposit (20%) must be paid with reservation. Deposits are not refutable, however you may use the deposit in order to register in an other trip or Greek language lesson, during the same or the next year.

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