Welcome to our online Greek language lessons!

Register in our Greek on-line language lessons and start learning or improving your skills in Greek language under the supervision of experienced Greek teachers. Our Greek language lessons are focusing on the development of listening / speaking skill, however are given in an asynchronous way. In this way there is no time limitation, you can work on the lesson any time you find it comfortable within the week, according to your own schedule.

About us

Ikarian Centre is a small Greek language school located on the mountains of the Greek island of Ikaria. Since 1995 we have offered Greek language courses for non native speakers. A lot of interpreters, translators, academics and diplomats as well as students and “simple people” have been attended our lessons in the past. However the environment is always friendly, far away of formalities.

Live Greek language courses

We give live intensive Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria, in small groups of maximum 4 students per class. Courses are combined with activities that facilitate the students to immerse in Greek language

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