Welcome to our Greek language online lessons!

Register in our Greek on-line language lessons and start improving your skills in Greek language under the supervision of experienced Greek teachers. Our online lessons are done in an asynchronous way, so they remain very flexible and can easily be adapted to your personal schedule of each week

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Asynchronous online Greek language lessons

New asynchronous online Greek language courses. The lessons, although asynchronous, are focusing in the development of speaking / listening skills In each lesson students take homework including speaking / listening exercises. Homework is sent to the teachers for corrections. Course materials and assignments are available online, on the center’s platform

Short duration – Big progress

Lessons are given in 8-week cycles. Lessons take place once per week. After each cycle students can continue to the next one.

How is the structure of the lesson?

At each lesson we discuss a specific topic or work on play vocabulary and grammar games. Students have access to texts related to the topic of the lesson, as well as vocabulary and grammar exercises, through our online platform. The teacher provide materials and information to the students, in order to study. Students’ homework is sent back to the teacher for correction. Mistakes and deficiencies are identified by the teacher. Students can see the homework and corrections of their classmates. In this way they work as a real class and learn from the others.

What about the levels?

The groups are formed by students who have similar skills in the production and understanding of the spoken language as well as similar expectations from the lessons. When you register we are asking you to choose a certain course. If at the end you feel that this course is too easy or too difficult for you, you can change your course / level.

How do I know if I’m interested?

The best way is to participate! You can register, participate in the first 4 lessons / weeks without paying anything. If the lessons are boring, you feel like you’re not learning, or the class doesn’t seem right for you, you can drop out without having to pay anything!

What is the cost;

  • 8 lessons (one lesson per week): €360
  • 16 lessons (two lessons per week): 720 Euro

How will I pay;

Full payment is due before the 5th lesson. If you are not satisfied with the first two lessons, you can stop without paying.