My courses

Where can I find the material for my courses?

The materials for each new course, as well as the corrections of your homework are sent to you every Monday via email to the email account you have registered in this web site. You must work online and submit your homework for correction via the same way (email).

Can I browse the web site searching for my materials?

Although most of the materials are available through this website, you cannot browse the web site searching for what to do. The accurate links to the text and other materials you must work with is sent via email to you. Please follow the links in order to find what to do every week, or to review some of your previous texts and other exercises

Do I need to make an account on this website?

Yes, otherwise you will not be able to access the materials of your lessons. In order to have access to the materials you must login, and be registered in a course. If you don’t have an account, please first choose a course and then follow the instruction on your screen in order to create an account.