Learn Greek in Greece: Greek language courses, island Ikaria

Are you planing to study Greek in Greece? The Ikarian Center organizes Greek courses on the island of Ikaria almost all year round, for more than 20 years! Each course includes 10 lessons (one lesson per day) of 3 hour tuition per lesson (36 teaching hours in total) + 18h of activities, usually within a period of 11-12 days. This is the equivalent to a two week course. Students may register for more than one courses.

Most of our Greek language courses are taking place on-campus, in the mountainous Arethousa. Some courses within the year are taking place in the coastal village of Evdilos, 8 Km away.

From the crowd of August to the olive harvest period in late October – November and the carnival before Easter, the changes of the seasons have an important impact in the life of islanders. Our courses cannot avoid to follow these changes and students will live an other experience according to the season they will participate in the courses. Next, we try to highlight the changes in the program related with the changes of the seasons.

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