How to get to Ikaria

/ How to get to Ikaria

The following article explains alternative ways to reach Ikaria from abroad or different places in Greece. We are expecting most of our students or guest to arrive through Athens or Pireas, the port of Athens. However one can also choose to come by ferry from Mykonos,  Samos, Chios or Lesvos, or by plane from Thessaloniki or Iraklio (Crete). See below how.

There are important rules for a trip to Ikaria from the mainland (eg Athens or Thessaloniki) that also apply to Greek residents. There are also rules for traveling to Greece from abroad. Follow the link for more information

Travel to Ikaria by airplane

We suggest you the plane from Athens or Thessaloniki. Check for availability and buy your ticket from the official sites of the air-carriers:

    Aegean air flies outside Greece and owns Olympic airways. Please check if you can buy from Aegean one ticket, from your city in Europe  to Ikaria. Otherwise, check the flights Athens – Ikaria.
    Flies to Ikaria from Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete (Iraklio)

We also suggest you to check for low cost flights to the islands of Mykonos or Samos. There are many law cost & charter flights from several European airports, especially to Mykonos. The ferry to Ikaria passes by Mykonos and Samos almost every day, and the trip from both island to Evdilos, Ikaria, lasts only for 1 hour (

Travel to Ikaria by ferry

You can also take the  ferry of Hellenic Sea Ways ( from Pireas, Samos, Mykonos and several other islands to Evdilos (port of Northen Ikaria, very close to Ikarian Centre). Keep in your mind that the schedule of the ferry comes late, sometimes a few weeks before the beginning of a lesson. So, if you want to arrange your trip in advanced, perhaps it’s better if you buy a plane ticket.

If you take the metro from Athens airport you change in the station “Monastiraki” to the line 1, direction Pireas. At the last stop (Pireas), you’ll be opposite to the ferry to Ikaria (Nissos Mykonos). Less than 10 min on foot. Attention! Ikaria has two ports: Agios Kirkikos and Evdilos. Try to arrive in Evdilos. Agios Kirkikos is 1h away by car (40Km) and the taxi fare is more than 50€

We are expecting students of the Greek language courses to show up the day before the beginning and leave the day after the end of each course.

Airport & port pickup for our students or guests

We organize free pickup from the airport or the port of Agios Kirikos one day before the beginning of the course, or the check-in day for guests participating in “creative holidays”. Any other day we can send a taxi to pick up the students, either from the airport or the port of Agios Kirikos (taxi fare 50 – 60 Euros). We can arrange to pick up our students and guests from the port of Evdilos any day, during the time we don’t give any lessons.

For any further question or comments, as well as if you want to report any mistakes – improvements regarding the information provided above, please contact us.