Learn Greek in Greece, island Ikaria

Learn Greek in Greece - island Ikaria

Learn Greek in Greece, in the intesive Greek language courses we orginize on the island of Ikaria. Our Greek language lessons in Ikaria are intended for those you are looking for:

Small class size: Our classes are even smaller, from 1 to maximum 4 students per class. Therefore, our classes are also very homogeneous. Homogenous and very small classes make the lessons more intensive and efficient.
Flexible duration: Students may register in an 11 day course, in several 11 day courses in a row,  in a 17 day course, or in a long term course (30+ days).
Efficiency: Small and homogeneous classes are helping us to adjust the curriculum according to the students’ needs, and not the opposite. Students have more time to talk and practice in the class. Also, 2 hours tuition per day gives to the students enough time to do their homework and rest. Thus, students attending 2 normal hours / day in our classes have a faster progress than students attending a pre-fixed curriculum, for “4 hours of 45 min” per day, in a class with 5 or 6 more students of different levels. (more…)

Simple accommodation in Ikaria or <br> Accommodation & hiking with a guide

Simple accommodation in Ikaria or
Accommodation & hiking with a guide

Even if you are Greek or do not learn Greek, you can reserve accommodation in Ikaria, in a private room at the Center’s guesthouse for your vacation. Alternatively, you can combine your stay with hiking on the area’s trails. Hiking with a guide is combined with 4, 8 or 12 nights in the guesthouse. The minimum cost of hiking with a guide is 220 Euros and covers the cost of 4 overnights for 1 person, pick-up from the airport, Evdilos or Armenistis, hiking and other activities such as traditional dance lessons. Breakfast and meals are not served, however you can prepare them in the kitchenette of your room. Reservations made through this page do not include Greek language lessons Our rooms are located in a quiet wooded area of Ikaria, away from the crowded beaches of the summer, 1.5 km away the settlement of Arethousa and 3 km away the