Greek language lessons in Greece - island IkariaΜαθήματα ελληνικών στην Ελλάδα, οι μαθητές μας

Greek language courses in Greece, island of Ikaria

Greek courses in Greece, island Ikaria

Since 1995 we have offered Greek courses in Greece, on the island of Ikaria, for students of all language levels. Many interpreters and translators, diplomats, classicists, university students and teachers have participated in our Greek language courses during all these years. However, the atmosphere in the lessons is very friendly.Students learn through a multitude of language games and activities. Tuition fee from 890€, including accommodation Low fees for students up to 22 years old (more…)

Summer Greek language course (Aug 7-20, 2022)

Register in the summer Greek language course from 7 – 20 August 2022. The course tuition fee is equal to 750 Euros and include:
– 2 hours (120 ‘) of lessons / day
– Accommodation in a room with another student, of the same or opposite gender. (more…)

Special Greek language courses