Efficient Greek language courses in Greece, island Ikaria

Our instructors are experienced teachers of Greek as a foreign language. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through the use of games, texts and other materials written and provided by the Centre. All skills are practiced in our lessons (writing, reading, speaking and listening), however we do focus in oral speech. The small class size (1-4 students / class) ensures that every student will have enough time to speak in the class. Our program focuses on learning the language and NOT on the tourist experience. In every lesson students will be assigned homework for the next day. As most of the locals do not speak only Greek, and since the teachers continue speaking Greek outside of the classroom, students must be prepared to hear and speak a lot of Greek, even if they are beginners. See more about our teaching method.

Out-of-classroom activities (traditional dance lessons, Greek songs, conversation classes, lectures and slide shows, cooking local dishes with people of the village, etc.) and events that happen spontaneously (like going out and eating together) are what make our lessons a truly immersive Greek language program.

All our summer classes are taking place in open air classrooms, with a fantastic view to the sea and the mountains

Location & Accommodation

We provide accommodation in private rooms to our students, in our guesthouse, located next to the classrooms, in a magical spot of the island, 1,5 Km away from the settlement of Arethousa, in direct contact with the natural environment. All rooms are double occupancy, equipped with private bathroom and kitchenette.

Our students’ opinion


Classes are held from Monday to Saturday6 days X 120 min / day (12 normal hours / week*) in small classes from 1 to 4 students. We also offer 10 additional hours of activities / week (dance lessons, lectures, conversation classes, games, cooking evenings, etc.). There are no classes on Sunday. You can have your room from Sunday (check-in) to Sunday (check-out). 

* Language schools  announce teaching hours, however each hour is equal to 45 min. 20 teaching hours / week (4 teaching hours / day) is equal to 15 hours / week . We offer 12 real hours per week, in 6 days.

Tuition and cost

1 week: 910€ / person For more than 1 week, 700 Euro / week / person  Accommodation, simple meals (lunch & dinner) and basic local transport is included. The cost of these courses also includes course materials and activities (dance lessons, lectures, conversation classes, games, cooking evenings, etc.) Each person has his / her own room (double occupancy) with private bathroom and kitchenette.  -50% in accommodation cost, if you share your room with a student you travel with. If you are traveling with a fellow traveler who is not participating in the lessons and activities, you can share the room with him / her at no extra cost, but you must arrange local transport by your own means (ie rend a car…)

An extra accommodation tax equal to 1,5€/day/room (21€/2 week course/room) is also applied. Accommodation tax is not a subject of any discount

Note: Many of our students are coming back regularly. If you enrol in a course for two or more weeks within 2 year from your previous participation, we’ll be happy to deduct an additional 10% of the total fee mentioned below. The cost is not calculated automatically in the submission form, you can count that you’ll pay -10% of the total sum. The same deduction applies to a person who comes with you for the first time in our lessons, and share the room with you.

Check schedule, availability & enrol

First choose the appropriate course. Absolute beginners and elementary users of Greek usually participate in different dates from the rest of the students. Then check the schedule and availability in the page of the course you are interested in and submit your enrolment

We’ll pick you up from the port of Evdilos any day and time and from the airport / port of Agios Kirikos if you arrive or depart on Sunday prior to the course start. You can get to Ikaria from Athens or Thessaloniki by plane (www.ageanair.com or www.skyexpress.gr). You can also get to Ikaria by ferry from Pireas, Thessaloniki, Mykonos or Samos. There are a lot of direct flights to Mykonos and Samos from many European airports. For more information visit our page how to get to Ikaria