Greek language courses in Greece, island Ikaria

Since 1995 we have offered Greek language courses in Greece, on the Greek island of Ikaria, for students of all language levels. Many interpreters and translators, diplomats, classicists, university students and teachers have participated in our Greek language courses during all these years. However, the atmosphere in the lessons is very friendly.Students learn through a multitude of language games and activities. Tuition fee from 890€, including accommodation

[:en]Greek language lessons in Greece - island Ikaria[:]Μαθήματα ελληνικών στην Ελλάδα, οι μαθητές μας[:]

We offer Greek language courses in Greece, on the Greek island of Ikaria, for those you would like to learn Greek in Greece, in an immersive Greek language program and for this reason are  looking for:

Small class size: Our classes are even smaller, from 1 to maximum 4 students per class. Therefore, our classes are also very homogeneous. Homogeneous and very small classes make the lessons more intensive and efficient.
Flexible duration: Students may register for 2 or more weeks in a row.
Efficiency: Small and homogeneous classes are helping us to adjust the curriculum according to the students’ needs, and not the opposite. Students have more time to talk and practice in the class. Also, 2 hours tuition per day gives to the students the necessary time to do their homework and rest.

Greek language courses in Greece

    • Each course lasts for 2 hours (120 min)/day.
      (Note that language schools in Europe calculate the duration of their courses in teaching hours. One teaching hour is equal to 45 minutes. Thus, a four hours lesson is usually lasting 180min).
    • All our summer classes are taking place in open air classrooms, with a fantastic view to the sea and the mountains

Our instructors are experienced teachers of Greek as a foreign language. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through the use of games, texts and other materials written and provided by the Centre. All skills are practiced in our lessons (writing, reading, speaking and listening), however we do focus in oral speech. The small class size (1-4 students / class) ensures that every student will have enough time to speak in the class. Our program focuses on learning the language and NOT on the tourist experience. In every lesson students will be assigned homework for the next day. As most of the locals do not speak only Greek, and since the teachers continue speaking Greek outside of the classroom, students must be prepared to hear and speak a lot of Greek, even if they are beginners. Follow this link for more information about the teaching method.

Out-of-classroom activities (traditional dance lessons, Greek songs, conversation classes, lectures and slide shows, cooking local dishes with people of the village, etc.) and events that happen spontaneously (like going out and eating together) are what make our lessons a truly immersive Greek language program.

The teaching method

We teach Greek for almost 30 years. In our  teaching method, tuition is based on the interaction of the students, rather than listening to a teacher who presents the language structure.

Location and accommodation

The Center’s campus includes accommodation area for our students as well as teaching facilities. It is located in a quiet mountain location not far from the sea.  Students can take a private room at the Centre’s guesthouse or share their room with another student. All rooms are double occupancy. A student is welcome to host in his / her private room a person who travels with him / her, without participating in the lessons. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom and kitchenette and can host up to two persons. We provide a shuttle service that brings students to nearby beaches and coastal villages after lesson’s hours. However, accommodation at the Centre’s guesthouse is not mandatory. You can stay at an airbnb of the nearby village of Arethusa. From Arethusa you must walk 20 minutes to reach the Center. If you book a room somewhere else you will have to rent a means of transportation to attend classes.

​Schedule and fees

Tuition fee for a two week course is equal to 700 Euros. Accommodation fee starts from 189 Euros / 2 weeks, for a private room at the Centre’s guest house (on-campus).  A student can also share his / her room and the accommodation fee with another student. For more details,  download the brochure with the schedule and fees

How to get to Ikaria

There are several ways to get to Ikaria: You can come by plane from Athens or Thessaloniki ( or or by ferry from Piraeus, Mykonos, Samos, Chios or Lesvos ( You may find more easy to combine a flight from your city to Mykonos or Samos and then take the ferry to Ikaria ( The same ferry departs from the port of Pireas. Please note that there is no bus service from the airport of Ikaria. If you arrive at the airport you can either rent a car or take a taxi to the centre. Taxi fare from the airport or the port of Agios Kirkow is ~50€ (1 hour driving). During some seasons of the year you might find a bus coming to Evdilos from the port of Agios Kirikos, which is near the airport. We can arrange free pick-up from the port of Evdilos.

Check-in & Check-out

The first lesson starts on Monday afternoon, the last lesson ends on Friday 15:00. Try to check-in on Sunday, one day prior the beginning of the lesson and check out on Saturday, the day after the last lesson. Check-in Check out dates are flexible (you can check-in / check-out -+2 days) if there are rooms available.

Daily schedule

On Mondays the lessons start in the afternoon. During the rest days of the week (Tuesday – Friday), the lessons are taking place in the morning, for two hours in the zone between 8:30 – 15:00. Students have enough time to participate in the lesson and do their homework. From 15:00 – 18:00 students can go to the beach, for lunch or shopping. During this time, with the small bus of the Centre, we facilitate those who don’t have their own vehicle to visit the nearby beaches and coastal villages. In the evening, students participate in various activities like traditional dance lessons, slide shows, conversation classes, cooking, etc. After the activities, many times students go out with their teachers to eat or drink something in the nearby tavernas. On Saturdays in the middle of each course we organize an excursion on the island. Sundays are free days. We don’t offer language lessons during weekends.


Check the course calendar and submit the registration form