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Dialogos – Ikarian Centre runs a summer Greek language school for adults on the island of Ikaria. The first courses organized back at 1995. We call it “summer Greek language school”, although in Ikaria we offer courses from Easter to November each year. There are several intensive courses in Ikaria during this period of time. Each of them is lasting for 11 or 17 days. Students may register in more than one sessions, if they wish.

More recently we also offer lessons in the city of Thessaloniki, Norway (Oslo), Istanbul and online.

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Greek language course & olive harvest on the island of Ikaria

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More Greek language courses

Levels, method and activities

Activities during the courses

A sample of activities and events under the frame of the language courses ...
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The teaching method

Our courses assist students in improving all their skills (listening, writing, speaking and reading) in the Greek language. Additionally, the Centre’s aim is to make each course a cultural experience. Through a variety of guided activities (interviews, projects, lectures, pair work, etc.), students are brought in touch with the local community and are able to learn more about Greece and ...
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Levels | Επίπεδα

Our classes in Greece are formed after the arrival of the students, and adapted according to their needs and expectations, their level, and the speed at which they are able and wish to move on. Instead of forcing the students to adjust to the course materials, in our courses we do the opposite: The material of each course remains flexible and ...
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An extraordinary and expiring place, Ikaria has everything an artists needs – colours and a very diverse nature, lovely towns, a peaceful Environment – and white sand and clear sea when you need some test! Team of people very friendly and beautiful and big guesthouse. Definitely recommend.

My 2 weeks

It was not a good idea for me to come to Ikaria By airplane because Arethousa is so far away from the airport and I was afraid all the time in my taxidrive!I think that the taxijourney was very expencive too. I have Holiday now and the better way for me is the boat to Evdilo.
Taxidrivers in the airport did not know where is Ikariancenter and I did´nt know the name of the village Arethousa so one of them called to Mihaelis and asked the way. In my papers from Mihaelis I did not have the name ARETHOUSA!
The course was very good and I enjoyed everything there very much. I learned much and the evenings were very good and all the people too.We had very good time together, for example cooked food together 2 times and it was very nice and the food was very good. We had partys 3 times and it was great.
I really want to tell all of you who are thinking what to do that this cource is very good . Stop thinking and DO IT because we all have only one (1) live! Merja, FINLAND

Kurs Mai 2015

Seit 6 Jahren lerne ich griechisch. Nach 2 Sprachkursen bei einer anderen Organisation wollte ich Neues probieren. Ich fand einen Kurs von 12. – 23. Mai bei Michalis auf Ikaria Wir waren 5 Teilnehmer in 2 Gruppen. Der Unterricht gestaltete sich abwechslungs-reich mit Texten, Übungen, Spielen Projekten, und “Freizeitprogramm” mit Singen, Kochen, Ausflügen. Von morgens bis abends nur griechisch – wie sonst unterhält man sich, wenn Teilnehmer und Lehrer aus 7 unterschiedlichen Ländern kommen. Von “Guten Morgen” bis “Gute Nacht” – das war wirklich sehr intensiv. Michalis und Nina verstanden es, jeden auf seinem Niveau anzusprechen und zu motivieren. Vielen Dank für eure Freundlichkeit, Herzlichkeit und die vielen Gespräche. Wir waren “Familie”. Danke für die vielen Unterlagen, Grammatik, Übungen – im Winter beim warmen Kachelofen werde ich noch einmal alles durcharbeiten. Ich komme wieder – versprochen!

For 6 years now I am learning Greek. After 2 courses with another organisation I wanted to try some New. I found Michalis on Ikaria and booked from 12. – 23. May 2015. We were 5 people in 2 groups. The lessons were varied with text, exercises, games, projects and “after-work” with cooking, singing, excursions. From the morning until the evening only “greek” – how else could you communicate, when participants and teachers come from 7 different countries. From “good morning” until “good night” – that was very intens indeed. Michalis and Nina knew how to speek with us on our personal level. Thank you very much for your kindness, warmth and many talks. We were “family” indeed. Thank you for so many papers, grammers, exercises – in wintertime I will work through all that once again. I will come back – I promise
Andrea Sartori