Photography workshop with
Greek language lessons on the island Ikaria

The photography workshop  with Greek language lessons on the island Ikaria is directed to adult enthusiasts of both photography, and modern Greek language. Amateur photographers with some experience, who wish to improve their technique, are invited to attend, as well as beginners who wish to learn the basic techniques of artistic photography.  At the same time It’s a great opportunity for adult learners of modern Greek -intermediate users, absolute beginners,  or people with some very elementary skills- to improve dramatically or start learning Greek.

The photography workshop  with Greek language lessons on the island Ikaria includes 30 optional hours of Greek language instruction, 15 hours of in-doors theory and lecture on photography in English & Greek and more than 50 hours of photography workshops on the field: The mountains, little villages and the beaches of Ikaria.


As we would like to create language homogeneous groups, you can participate in one of the two following courses, according to your skills in Greek language.

If you don’ want to participate in the Greek language lesson, you can register in any of the following dates.

  • Intermediate: 1-10 June 2018
  • Beginners:  23 Aug.-1 Sept. 2018
  • Number of participants: 4-12 individuals
  • Don’t forget to bring with you your camera with a tripod
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The lectures, as well as the residence for members of the group, for the organizers of the workshop and teachers, will be at the campus of DIALOGOS, in an isolated area outside of the small mountain village of Arethousa, at a height of 300 meters and about 3 kilometers from the sea.  With students, teachers, and staff all staying together on campus, the development of community ties is facilitated, along with further discussions of artistry and photography outside of actual lecture hours. The living situation is also ideal for the development and improvement of Greek language skills, as the photography and other staff are Greeks, and conversations can occur in either language.

Accommodation is a service included in the total cost and but you can choose to share your room with another student with a small discount. More about on-campus accommodation in Ikaria

Transportation around the island of Ikaria

Photos are taken from different spots all over the island. In this way you’ll also discover the island. Transport is provided for the group in a nine-person mini-buses.

Registration form

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