One day hikes in Arethousa, Ikaria

Do you want to walk the mountains of Ikaria and experience the fantastic Ikarian landscape? Then, take a hike with us along the paths of Arethousa. At the same time, help us to keep the paths clean and open to hikers and protect the unique landscape of the area. New hiking excursions will be scheduled starting from May 2019 

Arethousa is located at the centre of Ikaria and has always been the crossroads of the footpaths that joined the two sides of the island. The central mule-path that connected Evdilos to Agios Kirikos passed from here. That was the path taken by the revolutionaries who created the “Free State of Ikaria” shortly before the outbreak of the Balkan wars, on their way from Raches to Agios Kirikos.

Route A

Arethousa, Karavostamo, Arethousa. Duration: ~3 hours, with 2 breaks of ~15 minutes.

Route B

Arethousa, Dokimi mountaintop, Arethousa. We follow the path which is the old mule-trail to Chrysostomo. We return to the village from a rural dirt road. Duration: 4 hours with 3 breaks of ~15 minutes.


You have to walk in mountainous terrain, climbing or descending for the duration of the route (2 to 4 hours). Some parts are extremely uphill or downhill. The trail passes through areas with low bushes and in most places the width is no larger than half a meter. It’s NOT paved with some material and there are stones and roots, from the trees and shrubs along the entire length of the course. To walk without problems, you need to be healthy, to have a good sense of balance, to NOT have SEVERE problem with vertigo and fear of heights and to be in a relatively good physical condition. Otherwise, it can be dangerous.  Please read the agreement of terms and conditions

Meeting Point

Outside the cultural centre, located between the main church of Arethousa and the square, at the center of the village. Find the spot at google maps

What should I bring with me?

Basically, water, a small snack, hat and sunscreen. Closed-in shoes and long pants will help a lot. You can still walk with sandals and shorts, yet you might find it annoying to get scratched by the branches of the bushes. A hiking pole is not necessary, but it will help you a lot.

Participation fee

No participation fee is charged. The project is an initiative of the non-profit organization DIALOGOS. Any donation is welcome, as a small income will help us to open more hiking trails and preserve them.