Ikarian Centre:
Greek language courses in Greece, abroad & on-line


All the courses you can find on this site are organized by the Ikarian Centre, a small Greek language school for foreigners on the island of Ikaria. According to the season, intensive courses may be organized in Thessaloniki, abroad and even online!

Since 1995, we have offered intensive Greek language courses for non-native speakers of all levels, and special language courses for advanced students, on the picturesque Greek island of Ikaria.

The courses are intended for:

  • Individuals over 17 years of age who wish to learn Greek or to improve their Greek while acquiring a deeper knowledge of Greece and its culture;
  • Teachers of Ancient or Modern Greek;
  • Interpreters and translators.

The method

Our courses assist students in improving all their skills (listening, writing, speaking and reading) in the Greek language. Additionally, the Centre’s aim is to make each course a cultural experience. Through a variety of guided activities (interviews, projects, lectures, pair work, etc.), students are brought in touch with the local community and are able to learn more about Greece and its people

Our teachers are Greeks who are specialized and experienced in teaching Greek as a foreign language. Our teaching method combines textbooks and traditional educational materials with other less conventional sources, such as songs, newspapers, the radio, and Greek literature. Each of these sources is used according to the students’ level. Emphasis is given to vocabulary and grammar through guided communicative exercises, and students also learn about contemporary Greece through texts and videos from Greek websites, the Greek press and Greek literature.