Greek language lessons & Traditional dance workshop


The middle of August is the peak of the tourist season in Ikaria, like everywhere else in the north hemisphere. The weather is hot and people from all over the world flood the island. The locals keep the tradition and organize big scale “panigiri” for all these people -a fiesta with live music, traditional dance, food and wine that lasts the whole day and night long, until the next morning…

During our Greek language lessons in the middle of August you’ll have the opportunity to learn traditional dances in afternoon – evening workshops with a local teacher, then practice in the panigiri with the locals. The dance workshops will focus on traditional dances of Ikaria and other islands, but we will also look at dances from other parts of the country. Beginners are expected and welcome, and more advanced dancers should be prepared to dance with beginners. Since the teachers of dance and the organizers of the workshop are Greeks, Greek will be used as well as EnglishNo more activities will be organized during this lesson, apart from a slide show about Ikaria as well as a cooking lesson where we’ll all cook together traditional Ikarian dishes.

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