Learn Greek at Ikarian Centre

At Ikarian Centre we offer Greek language lessons to non-native speakers on the island of Ikaria, non-stop for the last 24 years! Our Greek language lessons are intended for:

*Adults of any age who wish to begin to study Greek, or to improve their skills in Greek.
*Teachers of ancient or modern Greek.
*Interpreters, and translators.

A number of activities motivate students to practice Greek and help them to enrich their knowledge about the Greece and her people. Some Greek language lessons are also combined with seasonal agriculture activities, like the olive harvest. The Greek language program of study is divided into 6 levels, according to the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As a result, several classes are formed during each course, according to the students’ skills. Each class consists of 2-8 students at a similar skill. The small class size ensures that every student will have the time to speak and practice the new enough in the class. It also hep us to adjust the material of each class to the individual needs and interests of each student. As a result, students improve dramatically their language skills during each hour of instruction.

Ikarian Centre’s headquarters is located on the island of Ikaria, where we have started to give Greek language courses since 1995. The last years, according to the period of the year, we also offer Greek language lessons in other locations of the globe. Following, you can find all our Greek language lessons.

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