For Greek language learners, become a volunteer in Ikaria

Üzgünüz, bu metin yalnızca Amerikan İngilizcesi ve Yunanca dillerinde yazılmıştır. 

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Are you learning Greek? Do you want to participate in our courses and work for us at the office?  Are you familiar with wordpress and desktop  text editors?  Can you do some office work, help us in coordination, help us with the development of new courses and materials, facilitate students in their every day needs?

If you the answers in the questions mentioned above is yes,  then you can participate in one or more 11 day courses we offer on the island of Ikaria and help us by doing office work for 6 hours per day.  Please take under consideration that if you agree to do so, you won’t have that much time for leisure,  wander around on the island, or spend long afternoons on the beach every day.

If you are interested please contact us It would be nice if you could also attach your cv and let us know if you have a driver’s license for car and / or scooter, as well as if you have experience in driving a car or a scooter.