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Photography workshop and Greek language lesson

Stay for 4-7 days of your holidays at the Ikarian Centre’s campus, participate in the cooking, art and experimental workshops and other activities we organize, have fun and find your own answers to questions such as: Is it true that people in Ikaria forget to die? Is Greek really that difficult a language? Is it true that shops in Ikaria open in the evening? Isn’t it proof that Greeks are a bit lazy?At the end, you might change some of your beliefs … For example, you might discover that the Greek language is not that difficult after all!  You’ll learn to dance traditional dances that people are still dancing on the island, then you’ll dance them with locals in the famous “panigiria” of Ikaria. You’ll cook local dishes with local people and you might discover that “Greek mousaka” is not the most typical Greek dish… You’ll get a taste of modern Greek painting and watch some of the films that, in the mid-20th century, were partly responsible for the myth of modern Greece. You will listen to, even sing, modern Greek songs and learn about composers, singers and genres of Greek music. According to the season, you’ll discover the photographer, the painter or the ceramics maker inside you, by participating in lessons with experienced photographers, painters or ceramicists. You will walk with us on the island mountains and visit locations which are difficult to find during a short tourist visit. You’ll meet Ikaria through the eyes of historians, travelers and researchers who wrote about the island, from the era of Homer, the pilgrims of the 19th century and the theory of blue zones and Ikarian longevity. Most importantly you’ll see the houses of island people – behind their facades. You’ll have a coffee with local families, you’ll follow them to the gardens where they grow their vegetables and keep their animals, and you’ll get a taste of their way of living.

If you are simply looking for creative activities to help you spend your holiday on the island in a more “productive” and pleasant way, or if you wish to have a full immersion in the islanders’ life, our workshops offer the ideal opportunity!

Who can participate?

Adults from any country, of any age or ethnicity, with a good background in English language; families with children of ages 14 to 17 are also welcome to participate. English is necessary as it will be our common language. Greeks might find the use of English a good reason to participate, they can both improve their English and meet people from all over the world.

Group size

We are expecting a mix of people from all over the world, with different cultural backgrounds and mother tongues, and at different ages, from 14 to 114! The size of each group is small: 4 – 14 people.

What are we doing in the workshops, exactly?

  • Conversations and lectures on a variety of topics: Ikaria: Architecture, history, people, ancient Greek mythology, modern Greek art. People from the island might participate in some conversations.
  • Experimental teaching of basic Greek.
  • Cooking and traditional dance lessons.
  • According to the season, photography, ceramics, painting or fresco.
  • Hiking on the mountain and excursions.

Teenagers (14-17 years old) will be welcome to participate with their parent(s) in the same group of adults. For families with younger kids, we can organize a special program of activities, at an additional cost.


The workshops take place at Ikarian Centre’s campus, outside the village of Arethousa, on the island of Ikaria.

Duration – Accommodation

Each workshop lasts for 4 days on the dates listed below. Participants may stay on-campus for 7 days (7 overnights). They can check-in on the day before the beginning of the workshop and check-out on the third day after the last day of the workshop. In this way they will have time to explore the island on their own.


Accommodation (check in – check-out dates) and days of workshop. Dates are written in day/month format.

  • Mon. 3 – Mon. 10/6 (Workshop dates: 4,5,6,7/6)
  • Sat. 29/6 – Sat. 6/7 (Workshop dates: 30/6, 1,2,3/7)
  • Fri. 7 – Fri. 14/7 (Workshop dates: 8,9,10,11/7 )
  • Tue. 27/7 – Tue. 3/8 (Workshop dates: 28,29,30,31/7)
  • Sat. 3 – Sat. 10/8 (Workshop dates: 4,5,6,7/8)


  • For two participants: (traveling together and sharing the same room): 840 Euros
  • For one participant: 590 Euros

The cost includes accommodation, but does not include any kind of food (breakfast or meals). You can decide to stay off-campus, to participate in less than 4 days of the workshop or to stay for fewer than 7 days with us, but there is no discount in the cost. Note that breakfast or meals are not served on-campus, but you can use the common kitchen or the kitchenette in your room to prepare your own.


Every day of a workshop is organized in 7 time-slots :

  1. 6:00-9:00 Hiking. On Some days we start very early for those who want to walk on the mountain.
  2. 9:00-12:00 Greek language and art workshops (according to the season), cooking lessons, conversation.
  3. 12:00-17:00 short excursions and going to the less crowded beaches of the island
  4. 17:00-19:00 lectures and conversation, sometimes with the participation of local people.
  5. 19:00-20:00 Traditional Greek dance lessons
  6. 20:00-…. Going out for dinner and dance in the local panigiri (according to the season)
  7. 24:00-… Heads up! On a starry night we might observe the the Milky Way in the Ikarian sky, and learn how to find some major constellations.

Still hesitate?

Does it sound interesting, but you still have questions? You can always send us an email. You can even reserve a video meeting with us over skype or appear.in for a closer look.


Book your room and participation by submitting the form on the right. A 50 Euros deposit per person must be sent within 2 days after your registration. Payment instructions will be sent to your email after you complete your registration. There is no refund if you cancel your booking later. Make sure that emails sent from @ikariancentre.com don’t end up in your spam folder.


Gerekli alanlar aşağıdakiler tarafından takip edilir *

Reserve of 1 available accommodations.

Room for workshops’ participants is available for selected dates.

– Each accommodation sleeps 2. If you have 3 or 4 people you will need 2 accommodations, etc.
– Put one of the following check-in dates in the check-in box. Check-out will be automatically completed.:

  • Mon. 03/06/2019
  • Sat. 29/06/2019
  • Fri. 07/07/2019
  • Tue. 27/07/2019
  • Sat. 03/08/2019

You can arrive after check-in date, but there is no discount.

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