What can I say about my experience that nobody has already expressed? For me, when the time came to leave, I couldn’t remember what life was like anywhere else in the world. But that’s just it… in Ikaria, you are able to forget the world and focus on what it is that you came for… Each morning, I awoke to the soft sound of bells on sheep and to the crows of roosters. The sun bled in through my window lighting up the surrounding hills and making the sea sparkle. But back to the point of this text – you must want to know about the effectiveness of the course? I, personally, have been living in Athens for the past year and have dabbled in language courses. This course helped me to gel together my grammar notions. We learned a lot, but in a way that was digestible. We read texts, which were accompanied by MP3 players to be able to hear Greek. We learned a lot of new vocabulary and each class was tailored to our personal grammar needs. Outside of class, we built friendships—we experienced things together that I will never be able to forget. I can definitely say that I feel a great improvement in my Greek language skills after completing this course. I would and will continue lessons with the Ikarian Centre in the future (as many of my classmates have already done).
Laura Weikel