Covid & trips to Ikaria

Leaving Ikaria & returning home: PCR tests & other obligations

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You do not need to take a covid test to return to the mainland (Athens, Thessaloniki, etc.) or to travel to another island.

For those who need a PCR or rapid (antigen) test in order to return to their country: There is a testing center in Evdilos, however you must arrange your appointment in advance. The samples are send to Athens, so don’t expect for the results earlier than 36 hours. The results can be sent to your email, this is enough to pass all border controls. For rapid (antigen) tests you have the results in 20 min. The cost for COVID-19 PCR tests is capped at 60 euros all over the country, and for antigen (rapid) tests at 15 euros.

If you are one of our students or guest, we can help you to arrange an appointment for a PCR or antigen test. If you are not, then contact directly the testing center: (+30)2275031326

Keep in mind that when you leave Greece you must submit the PLF form once again:

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