Creative holidays in Ikaria - the activities

Traditional dance lessons

In the traditional dance lessons that we organize 3 times per week, you will learn to dance the dances that you will be able to dance with the locals at the panigiri. Ikaria is known for its festivals (panigiri). The panigiri in Ikaria is not an activity of the local community that has not become folklore. It is still an activity of the community.

Ηοw to participate in the traditional Greek dance lessons?

Traditional Greek dance lessons are offered to the students of the Greek language courses and those who participate in the program “creative accommodation in Ikaria

In 2020, no panigiri were organized in Ikaria, due to the covid measures. We are not sure that any panigiri will be organized in 2021, but we hope… Traditional dance classes will be organized for our guests regardless of that.

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