Greek course in Easter 2024, island Ikaria, Greece

Greek language lessons

The Greek lessons organized during the Orthodox Easter period include in their activities the participation of the students in the customs of Easter. Orthodox Easter 2024 is on Sunday May 5 and the course is aimed at complete beginners and basic users of Greek language. You can check your level and register here. If you come, you will get to know the customs and traditions of the Greek Easter through specially designed activities and you will enjoy the explosion of colors and smells of spring on the island of Ikaria.

Ikaria in Easter

Ikaria is a small island located in the eastern Aegean where rural traditions are still very much alive. Easter, a springtime celebration,  is celebrated by local communities with great festive spirit. Preparation for Easter Sunday starts in the houses of the community, where various sweets are made and boiled eggs are painted red.

During Holy Week, the atmosphere is solemn, as most local people fast and attend the various religious services held in churches all over the island. Generally, there is a great emotional build-up during Easter Saturday, when celebrations start in the evening. After the religious ceremony and a local fireworks display, people return to their homes where families and friends eat and drink together. On both Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday in the village of Karavostamo one can witness the “burning of Afano”, a custom that dates back to Byzantine times.

The weather in April is still unstable although days around Easter are traditionally sunny and warm. Some visits to Evdilos, the nearby Karavostamo and Arethousa for shopping, a tsipouro or dinner are organized according to the mood of the group. After the lessons students who wish can have lunch together with the teachers.