Longer-term Greek language courses

Spend one or two months at the Ikarian Centre in a longer-term Greek language course, improving your Greek, getting to know the island of Ikaria and enjoying the tranquility and peace of  the environment around our hillside campus. Our on-campus classes are offered for two hours daily. Accommodation is also provided on campus for free, although students are free to find accommodation of-campus. Transportation from the campus to the nearby harbor town of Evdilos and the coastal town of Karavostamo is offered on a daily basis by our mini-bus. You will be able to use this to do your shopping, go out for meals, or meet the friends you will make during your longer stay on the island. For students staying off-campus we can arrange daily transfer from the port of Evdilos or from a spot on the route Evdilos – Ikarian Centre.

The lessons are often private (one teacher and you). However, if there are other students at the same level, very small classes up to 4 students may also be formed. After the lesson, you will have the opportunity to practice your Greek and socialize with Ikarian locals. According to people’s mood in the evenings, be prepared to go out to the taverns of the area, the cinemas or to outside events that are happening on the island.

Your course date options

During 2019:

  • Oct 8 (Tue) – Nov 29 (8 weeks)
    Lessons from Mon-Fri, also on Sat Oct 26 & on Sat Nov 23
  • Oct 8 (Tue) – Nov 1 (4 weeks)
    Lessons from Mon-Fri, also on Sat Oct 26
  • Nov 5 (Tue) – Nov 29 (4 weeks)
    Lessons from Mon-Fri, also on Sat Nov 23

During these months, the Centre will host volunteers and guests coming for the olive harvest. We’ll also host other Greek language students who will be attending the intensive short-term Greek language courses in October (21st -31st) and November (18th-28th).

During 2020:

  • March 4 – April 16, 2020
    Lessons from Mon-Fri We also give a lesson on Saturday April 11. From March 4 to April 6 WE DO NOT offer any kind of local transport. During this period of time you must rent a vehicle for your transport.
  • May 26 – July 2, 2020
    Daily lessons except Sundays from   26/5-11/6 & 16/6-2/7. Form Jun. 12 to Jun. 15 we don’t give any lesson.
  • Sept. 23 – Oct. 29, 2020
    Daily lessons except Sundays from Sept. 23 to Oct 9 & Oct. 13 to Oct. 29. From Oct. 10 to Oct. 12 we don’t give any lesson.
  • Oct. 13 – Nov. 19, 2020
    Daily lessons except Sundays from 13-29/10 & 3-19/11. From Oct 30 to Nov 2 we don’t give any lesson. Note: At the same time the olive harvest is taking place on the island and students are welcome to participate in this agricultural activity.


Tuition fees include accommodation, lesson materials and local transportation with the Centre’s mini-bus. They do not include food.

2019 lessons:

  • 4 week course, 20 days of lessons, 120 min of tuition daily (53,33 teaching hours): 1400€
  • 8 week course, 40 days of lessons, 120 min of tuition daily (106,66 teaching hours*): 2300€

2020 lessons:

  • 30 days of lessons / course, 80 teaching hours (120 min of tuition daily): 1600€

The weather

Although you can expect some days of rain and wind, the weather in October and November is generally mild, and many days have sunshine and high temperatures. On these days lessons are moved outside, as you can see in the photograph at the top of this page, taken during a November 2018 lesson. For more information, see the statistics here.


If you are interested, please submit the registration form. Don’t worry about the price of last minute flights, plane tickets for March, October and November are very inexpensive and you’ll have no trouble finding a cheap one – even if you want to cross the ocean!