Online Greek language courses

  • Choose when you want to spend some time learning Greek, according to your schedule and mood.
  • Send us your texts and assignments online, for corrections and comments from our teachers
  • Improve your vocabulary and comprehension, working with challenging texts, videos, audio files, vocabulary and grammar exercises and games.
  • Meet online with other people from all over the world who learn Greek like you.
  • If you want, book some hours of “live” conversation lessons on the web, (Skype is not necessary), with experienced Greek language teachers.

In our online Greek language lessons you work with online materials (texts, video, audio files, fill the gap exercises, vocabulary games and more). The lessons will help you to improve your skills in Greek dramatically. But you work with them when you decide! The materials are always available online. In addition, you can always contact your teacher. Because in our lessons you learn with a teacher, not with the computer. You also learn Greek with other Greek language students. Through forums, messages and comments, other students also participate in your effort to learn the language and make it more interesting and creative.

You can start a lesson for free, by sending your first Greek text for correction and comments. If you enjoy the experience, you may continue, by paying the fee for the next lessons.

4 lessons will be offered for free to the students who will be enrolled in our Greek language courses in Ikaria or Oslo, Norway

Start now, with a free trial online Greek language lesson



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