Greek lessons and hikes
May, June 2024

Spring is a very beautiful time in Ikaria, ideally for Greek language courses combined with hikes on the trails of the island. After a lot of thought and hesitation, we finally decided to also offer hikes on the trails of the area during our May – June Greek language courses (basic greek and more greek). Absolute beginners register for one week, can always participate in hiking tours, any time of the year These hikes are optional, for those who want to walk. After all, Ikarian Center is built in an ideal spot for hiking.

If you want to make progress with your Greek and at the same time get some exercise walking in a beautiful natural environment, sign up for these courses. If you still find walking too tiring for you, you will still be able to spend some time in the mountain villages and beaches of the island. Additional activities like cookery evening, traditional dance courses, conversation classes etc, are also a part of the Greek language course, like always. Walks are organized on the top of these activities, every other day of each course.

Choose the appropriate course and register in the given dates to enjoy hiking on the mountains of Ikaria while you improve your Greek!

Basic Greek

Basic Greek courses are aimed at users of the Greek language who cannot participate in conversations about daily activities that happened in the past or plan to do in the future, but can at least 1) read a short text in Greek with ease, 2) write in Greek, 3)be able to form simple sentences by putting the verb in the correct form (O Γιάννης διαβάζει την εφημερίδα) and 4) give personal information by answering questions like “Πώς σε λένε;” “Πού μένεις;” “Τι δουλειά κάνεις;” “έχεις παιδιά;” etc. Different classes are created depending on the speed with which the students assimilate the new knowledge and their skills. Again, each class consist of 4 students maximum.

Register in a course starting on June 19th 2024 for one or two weeks and participate in hiking tours.

More Greek

The “more Greek” course is aimed at users of the Greek language with relatively developed skills, up to very advanced. Students should at least be able to describe some common activities they did in the past or plan to do in the future. They should also at least be able 1) to give information about themselves and their family, 2) to talk about their daily habits and their likes and dislikes and 3) to engage in simple conversations around these topics. Note that different classes are created in each course depending on the skills and the speed with which the students absorb the new knowledge. Each class consist of 4 students maximum

Register in a course starting on May 19, May 26, June 2 or June 9 and participate in the hiking tours

Are you an absolute beginner, or you are not learning Greek?