Video meetings

Do I need to install skype?

In our video meeting you don’t have to install skype or any other piece of software in your computer. The browser you are using to read this page is enough. The best browser to use is google chrome or chromium (for linux). We send you link you can use to connect with the online classroom. You click on the link and voilà! The video meeting is starting. The only thing you really want is a microphone connected in your computer. A camera is optional, if you want to present your face to the teacher and other students.

How many students participate?

You might be the only one who participates in a video meeting. However, it is not a private lesson and we want to keep the right to add up to 4 more participants into a lesson (5 students in total). For the 8 week intensive Greek online courses the number of participants / video meeting – class is 2 persons.