Language exchange in Ikaria

In the language exchanges we organize in Ikaria, Greeks learning a foreign language and students of modern Greek who participate in our language courses, live together in our guesthouse and participate in the activities we organize. Thus, Greeks have the opportunity to practice the foreign language they are learning (e.g. Spanish) by talking with our students who are native speakers of this language (e.g. Spaniard)

If you are a Greek, improve the foreign language you are learning by living for one or more weeks with native speakers at the Ikarian Center guesthouse!

Target Audience

This program is addressed to our Greek language students coming form different places of the world as well as Greeks who are learning a foreign language and can spend one or more weeks of their vacation at our guesthouse in Ikaria. If you are Greek it is a prerequisite to be able to speak, even with difficulty and many mistakes, the foreign language you are learning.

When are language exchanges organized?

For 2024 language exchanges are organized in the period June – August

What exactly will happen?

A small mixed community (8 – 10 people) is formed consisting of foreigners who attend a course at Ikarian Centre and Greeks who visit us during the course period. At least one of our students spends at least 1 hour a day talking to a Greek who is learning his language. The discussion takes place for half an hour in Greek and half an hour in the language of our student, which is also the language the Greek learns. Our foreign language students and Greeks also have the opportunity to talk more and get to know each other better by living together in the guesthouse and spending as much of their free time as they want: At the sea, at dinner or at night. They can also meet all together during the activities we organize: dance lessons, discussions, hikes and walks, singing and cooking evenings and more…


The following cost is only for Greeks, our language students register in a Greek language course under different rates Greeks do not attend foreign language courses

  • Accommodation in a private room (you have the whole room to yourself): 420€/person/week (minimum charge from Sunday to Sunday)
  • If you travel and share your room with a friend who will also participate in the language exchange there is a discount of 42 / person (378€/person/week, minimum charge from Sunday to Sunday

The cost includes accommodation, breakfasts and simple meals (lunch and dinner) from Monday to Friday, local transport, transport from ports and airports on Sundays, hiking and other activities.


The guesthouse of the Center, which is located outside the settlements, in a wooded area, an ideal area for mountain walking will host both participants and activities. The distance from the sea, taverns, cafes, etc., is 30 minutes from the path. The guesthouse during the period of the language exchange will host only the members of the language exchange community that will be created. In the common areas of the guesthouse you can have a healthy socialization with the other members of the group. In addition, if you want to study the language you are learning, read, or just isolate yourself for a while admiring the view, you will find the place you need.

Greek language courses in Greece, accmmodation

Will you give language lessons for Greeks?

No, there will be no foreign language lessons for Greeks.


If you are studying Greek as a foreign language, you must register in a Greek language course. If you are Greek, express your interest by filling out the form below, stating the language you are interested in. Whenever there are native speakers of this language among our students, we send you an email no later than 4 weeks before the start of the course. In any case no later than June 30th for lessons taking place during July – August. If you want to participate, you send us a reply and we make a room reservation for you. In order to complete the reservation, you must pay at least 30% of the reservation by depositing into our bank account. This amount is non-refundable in case of cancellation. If the language you are interested in is not listed in the form below, please contact us.