• Asynchronous communication, not an other “lesson on skype”: Choose when you want to spend some time learning Greek, according to your schedule and mood.
  • Send us your texts and assignments online, for corrections and comments from our teachers
  • Improve your vocabulary and comprehension, working with challenging texts, videos, audio files, vocabulary and grammar exercises and games.
  • Meet online with other people from all over the world who learn Greek like you.
  • If you want, book some hours of “live” conversation lessons on the web, (Skype is not necessary), with experienced Greek language teachers.

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Absolute beginnerAbsolute beginner αλλά μιλάω λίγο!I can't say anything in the past or the futureI can use the tense of the verbs and I survive in elementary conversations, but I cannot talk about abstract topics.Μπορώ να μιλήσω για θέματα όπως ιστορία, περιβάλλον, πολιτική κλπ, αλλά χρειάζομαι περισσότερο λεξιλόγιοΒλέπω τηλεόραση και διαβάζω με άνεση εφημερίδες στα ελληνικά. Χρειάζομαι ένα φρεσκάρισμα και ίσως νέο λεξιλόγιο

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In our online Greek language lessons you work with online materials (texts, video, audio files, fill the gap exercises, vocabulary games and more). The lessons will help you to improve your skills in Greek dramatically. But you work with them when you decide! The materials are always available online. In addition, you can always contact your teacher. Because in our lessons you learn with a teacher, not with the computer. You also learn Greek with other Greek language students. Through forums, messages and comments, other students also participate in your effort to learn the language and make it more interesting and creative.

You can start a lesson for free, by sending your first Greek text for correction and comments. If you enjoy the experience, you may continue, by paying the fee for the next lessons.


The lessons last for 36 weeks (8 months, the equivalent of two academic semesters). We don’t give any lessons from the last week of May until the end of the second week of September. The students who do not have completed their lessons until the end of May will continue after the second week of September.

To whom are they intended for ?

The lessons are intended for intermediate or advanced users of the Greek language. You must already have a limited vocabulary in order to be able to communicate in Greek as it is described here (user B1).

If you are a beginner or if you want to start with Greek you can participate in one of the lessons we organize in Greece. If you want to learn how to read the Greek alphabet, we suggest you some free exercises you can find here (you will be asked to simply create and account). Later we’ll add more free materials for beginners.


During the 36 weeks of the lessons we study at least 18 long texts (1 text / 2 weeks) on different topics as well as a lot of topics in grammar. We focus on the enlargement of the vocabulary and the development of techniques for oral and written communication. For this reason you will be asked to write more than 18 texts, also to recompile information from texts you have red in your own mother tongue.

Pronunciation, speaking and listening

Although it is not a “lesson on skype” we do use techniques for the improvement of listening, speaking and pronunciation. Many hours will be spend on this type of exercises

New vocabulary

During the 25 years of teaching the Greek language to non-native speakers, we have developed a lot of language games that help the fast assimilation of an extensive vocabulary. Many of these techniques have been transferred online , at your disposal.


  • The tuition of the year (36 weeks) is 870€.
  • The tuition are paid in subscriptions every 12 weeks (290€ / subscription)

Why is it that expensive?

It is not a course controlled by robots. There are no automatic fill the gap exercises. All exercises are made, controlled and corrected by the teachers. The asynchronous communication allows the student to work when he has the time and the mood; it also allows the teacher to correct when he has the time, a clear mind and the appropriate mood. The two persons (the teacher and the student) are not met in time, but exactly like in a “normal” lesson, all the job is done by a teacher, who has to get paid.

Do you offer course on skype?

The idea of our online lessons is based on asynchronous communication and not on “lessons on skype”. We strongly believe that with asynchronous communication there is more time and flexibility for a precise, accurate and efficient job.

However, if after you start with the lessons you feel that you need some hours on skype, we can arrange it. This will cost you an additional 20€/ hour of private tuition on skype (one teacher and you).

Also if we find it necessary you may ask you for some skype meetings, without any extra cost. Some times it’s more easy to explain something face to face.

Will be efficient?

You can try it. The first lessons are trial. If they won’t help you to improve your skills, you can stop without any obligation to pay anything.