Ikaria Pathways.
Mountains to Beach: Arethousa > Karavostamo


Length: 4 km, approx. 45 minutes.

This route starts from the beautiful church in the peaceful village of Arethousa. On your tour to the beach in Karavostamo you will witness some wonderful views of the valley of the river, the mountains of the area and the sea below.

Looking downhill from the church you will find a minimarket on the left side of the main road and the Kafeneion stou Tsarou, the “Tzar’s Café”, on your right. Get yourself a bottle of water for the way or have your first coffee break here in the shade of this beautiful spot which will also give you a glimpse of the sea.

Down the hill you will find the main village square to your right next to the café. After this you will come to a first junction from where Route 2 to Pera Arethousa starts to your right.

Continue to go straight downhill on the main road until you reach the former school square on your left.  Here the view opens up to the sea and your final destination of Karavostamo by the water. The pathway to Karavostamo starts opposite from the former school and takes you all along the river valley. Follow the red arrow and red dots for stunning views of the sea and the landscape.

The first section of this pathway will lead you on a paved road which will become a footpath after passing the last house on your left.

After about five minutes you will reach a fenced private property with olive trees on the right side of the footpath. Following the fence, you will have the pathway in front of you and the valley to the right.

After another five minutes the path hits a dirt road. Take the steps that lead you down to the dirt road and turn left.

Continue on the dirt road and leave it after its first bend to the right, stepping down some more stairs to reach the footpath again.

From here you will have a lovely 10 minutes walk until the pathway opens to become a dirt road again.

At this point do not continue straight on the dirt road, but take a right turn and step down the stairs into the shade of some trees to continue on our pathway which now takes you straight towards the valley.

The path will now become more shady, bordered by slade plates all along its way through trees and bushes.

It is worth taking a rest to enjoy the silence and fragrances of nature, or have a picnic.

Continue to follow the red dots until the pathway ends on a junction before a stone wall, where you take a right turn.

After another three minutes on a dirt road you will reach the main road, where you turn left to Karavostamo.

Follow the main traffic road until you reach the next junction. Turn right into a smaller paved road that will lead you in the shade along people’s backyards and serves as a shortcut, which will eventually lead you back on the main road. Walking under oleander and mulberry trees you will finally reach the main square of Karavostamo, and the beach.