Greek language lesson in Athens!

Üzgünüz, bu metin yalnızca Amerikan İngilizcesi ve Yunanca dillerinde yazılmıştır. 

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We organize Greek language lessons in Athens for a small number of students who can be registered in the lesson all together as a group, and participate in the same class. Currently, we do not accept registrations from individual students.

The lessons’ dates and curriculum are tailored according to the needs of each group. Lessons can take place almost any time from beginning of October until end of April (except Easter). Each course includes:

  • Maximum 3 hours of 60 min tuition per day + 2 hours of activities. The lesson and activity hours can be reduced, but no deduction will be applied in the tuition
  • 7 days + 1 day for excursion to a nearby location (optional, usually the last day). Lessons can take place also during weekend. We can give some extra days of lessons, if the group demands to, with an extra cost.
  • The lessons can start any day of the week, however we suggest the schema “Sunday – Saturday” In this way people have time to arrive on Saturday and travel back home on Sunday and spend only 5 working days for this lesson.
  • Number of students / course: 1-7 students (all students must register to the course together)
  • Lessons are taking place in the morning 9:30 – 13:00. Some lessons can take place in the afternoon 14:00 -17:00, if necessary. The activities are also tailored according to the interests of the students and may include guided tours in the city (not only to the archaeological sites but also to sites of the modern city), visits to Greek NGOs, visits to artisans, etc.

This course is not intended for non-Greek residents of Athens, nor for absolute beginners who want to start slowly to learn Greek. It is intended for groups of friends who live outside the country, learn Greek together and have very limited time to spend in Greece. The lessons will provide them a “shock experience” that will help them to refresh and improve their Greek language skills, also it will help them to immerse deep into the city’s life for a short period of time.

The same style of course can also be organized by Ikarian Centre in the city of Thessaloniki.


3.000 Euros for the whole group ( 1 up to 7 students). The cost covers the course materials and activities. It doesn’t cover accommodation, any kind of food, transport nor entrance to museums, theaters etc.

Course location in Athens

The  lessons can take place either at “Athens Tower” near the metro station of Ampelokipoi, in an office with great view to the whole city, or in the very centre of Athens, near Syntagma squear (Ermou 51). If necessary, we can also find an alternative position, according to your needs


If you would like to register your group, please send us the registration form.  For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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