Greek language & dance, an afternoon workshop

Üzgünüz, bu metin yalnızca Amerikan İngilizcesi ve Yunanca dillerinde yazılmıştır. 

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Spend a long afternoon with lessons in the Greek language & traditional dance at the Ikarian Centre. Have fun and learn how to read the Greek alphabet and the basics of the Greek language, all taught by experienced Greek teachers. Learn useful words and phrases that will help you in your travels. During the lesson breaks, local dance teachers will show you how to dance the “Ikariotiko,” the traditional dance that everybody dances in the local festivals (panigiri). Later go to the panigiri and practice!

  • Every Monday and Thursday from July 5th to September 30th, 2019
  • Cost: 55 Euros/adult – 45 Euros/teenagers  (Younger children may have difficulty with the length of this lesson).

For more information and  registration, please follow the link: