Greek language courses on the island of Ikaria

Learn Greek in Greece!
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Volunteering for Greeks and Turks: Project pathways 2017

29/6 – 9/7 2017
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Greek language courses in Oslo, Norway

Intensive Greek language courses in the centre of Oslo.
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Greek language courses and more!

We are not just a Greek language school... We have offered Greek language courses for adults on the island of Ikaria, Greece, since 1995. During all these years, we have taught interpreters and translators, housewives and classicists, university students and retirees. We continue to offer courses in Ikaria and other places of the world, with the same passion. At the same time, we live in an era where fanaticism is raising up, while the environment and the quality of our life are getting poorer. We try to use our “tools”: The language teaching, our infrastructure in Ikaria, our experience after all these years... In order to contribute against fanaticism, to protect our environment and the quality of life of our community.

Upcoming courses & actions

Combine Greek language lessons in Greece with participation in the olive harvest ... Read More
Are you 34 year old or younger and you want to participate in one of our Greek language courses with a friend of yours of the same age? ... Read More
This year we offer a fee deduction in the Greek language courses for Turkish citizens who would like to attend one or more of the following 11 day Greek language courses: May 20-30 (10 lessons in 11 days) June 17-27 (10 lessons in 11 days) July 11-21 (10 lessons in 11 days) August 17-27 (10 lesson in 11 days) ... Read More

Students' comments

Utopic trelokomio

I am Spanish, 27yo, mathematician, and I study Greek for fun, because I love the country and its people and lived in Athens for a few months yeas ago. I did the summer course and I definitely recommend the Ikarian Centre: great lessons, beautiful school in the mountain, Greek beaches and local parties in small villages. The lessons: with my experience in language courses, these lessons were the best we could have. We were 4 students in the intermediate level, and a typical lesson would consist of: 1) Around 1.5h with Mihalis and Despina e.g. reading an interesting text and learning vocabulary; 2) Around 1.5h with Tonia e.g. doing some grammar in a way that you never get bored and 3) Around 1h with Maria doing games to practice and integrate in your speech what you have just studied. The lessons are 100% participation and discussion, and the fact that ... Read More

Un séjour linguistique inoubliable

Apprendre le grec est un projet que j’ai depuis quelques années mais que j’avais toujours mis de côté par manque de temps, priorité, etc. Il y a un an, j’ai décidé d’agir et je me suis donc inscrite au stage de 3 semaines en aout 2015 à l'Ikarian Centre. J’ai opté pour le logement gratuit, une des cabines situées dans le Centre, que j’ai partagé avec une charmante étudiante ukrainienne. Les cabines étaient propres (nettoyées tous les deux jours) et commodes, avec des fenêtres qui donnaient sur une vallée et la mer. En tout, nous étions 14 étudiants, venus des quatre coins du monde (Angleterre, Australie, Espagne, Italie, Slovénie, Suisse…), divisés par groupes en 3 niveaux. Ne sachant même pas comment déchiffrer l’alphabet, je faisais partie du groupe débutant, avec 3 autres étudiants qui n’avaient jamais appris le grec non plus. Nous avions 5 heures de cours par jour, 3.5 ... Read More

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Volunteering & Art

Volunteering and Art projects ...
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Easter in Ikaria: Learning Greek

9-19 April 2017 10 lessons in 11 days, 36 teaching hours +18 hours of activities Class size: 2-8 students, at ...
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Greek language courses in Thessaloniki, Greece

Greek language courses in the second biggest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. Learn Greek in Thessaloniki! | Μαθήματα ελληνικών στην δεύτερη ...
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Photography workshop for Greek language students

Learn Greek through photography 10-18 May 2017, 9 days, -15%, -10% or -5% deduction in tuition for early bird registrations ...
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Activities during the courses

A sample of activities and events under the frame of the language courses ...
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The guesthouse in Ikaria

Campus & guesthouse in Ikaria

The Ikarian Centre's headquarters are located 1,5 km away from the picturesque village of Arethousa, in a remote and peaceful ...
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Greek for archaeologists and classicists, May 2017

Greek language courses for archaeologists and classicists on the island of Ikaria. May-June 2017| Μαθήματα ελληνικών για αρχαιολόγους και κλασικιστές ...
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Greek language courses in Oslo, Norway

Intensive Greek language courses in the centre of Oslo ...
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Summer Greek language school for kids and teenagers

Greek lessons for children and teenagers in Ikaria, Greece 1-9 July 2017 A ten-day class can be organized at any ...
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Πρόσκληση σε καθηγητές ελληνικής

Μας ενδιαφέρει να ανανεώνουμε τους συνεργάτες μας. Αν ενδιαφέρεσαι να συνεργαστείς μαζί μας μπορείς να επικοινωνήσεις με χρήση της παρακάτω φόρμας ...
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Free Greek language workshop in Istanbul by DIALOGOS – Istanbul’da üctetsiz Yunanca Dil Eğitimi

Dialogos is offering a free Greek language workshop in Istanbul for Greek language learners of all levels: Duration: 19/Dec/2016 – ...
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About DIALOGOS & Ikarian Centre

The Ikarian Centre is my job and my way of living. It started back at 1995, when I discovered and ...
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Impression notebook | Τετράδιο εντυπώσεων

Handwritten comments from the Centre's impression notebook. Click for bigger image ...
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The teaching method

Our courses assist students in improving all their skills (listening, writing, speaking and reading) in the Greek language. Additionally, the ...
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Abstract vector Illustration. Composition of 3d stairs

Levels | Επίπεδα

Our classes in Greece are formed after the arrival of the students, and adapted according to their needs and expectations, their ...
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