Olive picking in Ikaria

with optional Greek language courses for absolute beginners

olive tree

In October – November, we offer accommodation and optional Greek language courses for absolute beginners in Ikaria, combined with olive picking and hikes.

Ikaria is a small island in the center of the Aegean, still off the radar of the tourist industry, with a unique wild nature and a mountainous terrain. For some people Ikaria is the place where people forget to die, as some studies conclude that the island belongs to the longevity zones, the blue zones: A place where people live longer than expected. Olive picking is taking place by during October – November. Thus, you can participate in Greek language courses combined with hikes and olive picking, during the following periods:

  • 29 Sept – 6 Oct. 2024
  • 20 – 27 Oct 2024
  • 17 – 24 Nov. 2024


Will the program take place?

The production of the olive fruit by the trees is a natural process in which we humans cannot interfere. Many factors affect the growth of the olive fruit, so the trees do not give olives every year. There are years without any olives on the trees. To be sure that there will be olives for picking, we will confirm this at the earliest one month in advance. Tickets are cheap and easy to find in November, you don’t need to book too far in advance.

However, during the same days we will give Greek language lessons for absolute beginners, in combination with outdoor activities like walks and hikes. This will happen regardless the production of the olive trees. So, if picking the olives is not a “must” for you, but you can also happily participate in hikes and Greek language lessons, you can register and make the necessary arrangements for your trip. Find more information about hikes and Greek language lessons for absolute beginners here

Advance payments and registration

If olive picking is a “must” for you, you should NOT pay any deposit before we confirm that olive picking will take place. Just submit your registration now and wait for us to confirm that everything is ok with the olives on the trees in October

Typical day

Olive picking as well as visits to a winery or an oil press and hikes are taking place in the morning, during day light. Greek lessons are taking place daily from 17:00 – 19:00,. After 19:00 we also orginize some indoor activities, like traditional dance lessons and cooking evenings.

Cost and Reservation

For more details about Greek courses for absolute beginners, hikes, costs, and registration form see:

Are you looking for a A1-C2 Greek language course combined with hiking or olive picking?