Greek literature course

Participate in the Greek literature course given in the Greek…

[:en]Greek literature course for non-native speakers{:el]Μάθημα ελληνικής λογοτεχνίας για ξένους[:]

Participate in the Greek literature course given in the Greek language to improve your language skills and enrich your knowledge of Greece and Greek culture.  The  course is intended for adults who are speakers of modern Greek as a second language, and who can understand a literary text in Greek, even with the assistance of a dictionary, as well as discuss the text and express their opinion about it, again in Greek.

The texts will be sent to the students in advance, at least a month before the beginning of the lessons.  During the course we will look at excerpts from literary texts and poems chosen from Greek literature of the early – middle 20th century.  The aim of the course is both the enrichment of vocabulary and an increased ease in expression for each student, as well as an increased knowledge of Greek authors and trends in Greek literature. A better understanding of the social and political background of the era when the texts were written is an additional important benefit.

  • 10-day course (10 lessons in 10 days, 40 teaching hours of 45 min, no extra activities)
  • 4-10 students in a single class.
  • Location: On-campus, Arethousa, Ikaria,
  • Tuition: 1090€ (includes on-campus accommodation in a private room)

More specifically, in the Greek literature course:

  • We examine the historical period of writing the work and biographical data of the author
  • We elaborate the linguistic tools of the author, discuss the subject of the text and have a dialogue about the possible interpretations of each reading.
  • We examine the relationship of the language of the text with the historical period so we understand its evolution
  • We study vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, proverbs, literary forms and syntactic peculiarities.
  • Students develop their own thoughts by reading the text, utilizing the vocabulary and other language tools they learned through studying the text. They also undertake relevant projects and works.


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