[:en]Greek literature course for non-native speakers{:el]Μάθημα ελληνικής λογοτεχνίας για ξένους[:]

This course is aimed at students of modern Greek who want to have a first acquaintance with Greek literature. get to know Greek. The participants must be adults, users of modern Greek as a second language, who have the ability to understand a literary text in Greek and can express their opinion on it, even if they need the help of a dictionary. The course is given at the facilities of the Ikarian Center in Arethousa, island of Ikaria, where accommodation is also offered to the students. It is a full immersion course in the Greek language and is also combined with activities (excursions to the island’s attractions, cooking evenings, traditional dance classes, etc). For more information and registration see the immersion courses in the Greek language.