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Full immersion on site in modern Greek: an adventure never to forget

5.0 rating

In the summer of 2012 I spent two weeks on Ikaria during which I followed an intensive course of modern Greek at the Ikarian Centre. It was an extraordinary experience for several reasons: the fantastic surroundings of the island, the idyllic location of dormitories and classrooms, the interesting and most diverse fellow students, the course’s extra’s like dance classes and the introduction to local traditions and, last but not least, the acquired knowledge. I’m still in touch with some of the people I met there and we all look back at the time spent on Ikaria as a lovely, dreamy memory. Finally, as a university graduate in ancient Greek it was simply marvelous to see the resemblances (and the differences) between two languages time-wise so far away and yet so close. I’d definitely recommend a stay on this island with all the benefits the Ikarian Centre can offer you.

Tessa Vrijmoed

Paradise and pedagogy

5.0 rating

The Ikarian Centre is the perfect place for a learning holiday. Learn Greek then practice with the locals on an island paradise. I’ve taken 2 courses here and can only encourage you to come too!


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July 10, 2006 Prior to coming to this lovely island for our third straight summer, we spent a day in Athens of the sort that you can only do when you are on vacation. That is, after leaving our hotel, we spent several hours looking for a CD with the violinist Yiannis Zevgolis. The instrument museum shop was closed, so we went to two very loud CD stores near Omonia Square, and still didn’t find it. Escaping the hellish traffic

First day in Ikaria